How I went from an overwhelmed mom with chemical sensitivities and a family with health issues to entrepeneur. Achieve your dreams hiring a microbiome and lifestyle coach.

Adriana Ponzanelli

It wasn’t easy, but with help from the funds granted to the microbiome world project I participated on requesting back in 2014, now thousands of studies shine the light on the connection of oral, and gut health, with mood, mindset and holding on the love for life. I managed to recover my kids from multiple allergies, dislexia, fainting spells, multiple chemical sensitivities and built Ecotummy for sharing all I learned with you, so you can achieve whatever life is waiting for you to take on. 

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It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples in the middle of the book really blew my mind.
Emerson Palmer
Venture Engineer