Adriana Ponzanelli



‘making changes one by one’

With only one purpose, to enjoy and love life to the fullest.


I cannot wait to meet you and embark on an impressive world where I will share with you the most innovative in the science of health and its relationship with ecosystems.

We are ecosystems and our health is related to internal and external ecosystems.

Discover! Don't waste a second of well-being.

Through the years, I have become an expert in natural health. Life allowed me to help my children with the most diverse and mysterious health challenges. After years of searching and diagnoses without a cure, I decided to leave the dental clinic and dedicate myself to microbiome research.

So I was able to heal my family and myself.

With my protocols, I have been able to help members of my family, my friends, and my clients.

How can I help you?

Appointment + a tea = Comfort in your space

My office is 100% virtual. I am a microbiome, ecological health coach. If no one has been able to help you, you will most likely be surprised by how much I have to share with you. I can’t wait to meet you!