Learn What is Included in Your Kefir Madness! Course



Learn more than you ever wondered about milk kefir.

These are a few things you will take from this course.

You will get a jar with Ketosana Kefir Grains delivered straight to your door, so you can start making your probiotics right in your kitchen.

Also, learn the following and more about kefir.


  • Its history
  • A new revolutionary way to make kefir that is different from the traditional way of making kefir and why
  • What probiotics may be growing in your kefir and how to ferment it safely
  • When it is beneficial to drink milk kefir and when you may stay away
  • About gut health and why kefir may be the most important food to add to your family’s diet
  • The healing properties of kefir
  • How a group of scientist used kefir in a study to test if they could help lower viral disease symptoms
  • How one milk kefir is very different from another and why
  • Learn why Ketosana Kefir grains are the best grains available and what makes them special
  • How scientists are starting to wonder if milk kefir may be the answer to some chronic health conditions
  • And more…

*Print a certificate when you finish our course.

This course includes Ketosana Kefir Grains.


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