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I have recovered my emotional, physical and spiritual health and the health of my kids, I can help you recover yours.

I am in constant learning mode to better service my clients.  Check out what have I been doing. 

What am I up to


Introducing Online Yoga and Meditation

Integrating yoga into my life and sharing the knowledge with friends and clients has been an important part on healing.

Microbiome and Environmental Health Coach

Single sessions, Pack of 3 sessions. 

2010 - 2013

Coach Families with Kids in the Spectrum and Individuals with Simple and Complex Health

One on one six month and one year intensive unlimited coaching programs. Limited spaces

About Me

I am a heartbroken empath for families with health issues and loved ones with health and emotional challenges. I am a mother of three and wife of my beloved husband for 22 years.
I am trained as a Dental Surgeon, but my family’s health challenges needed immediate attention, and nobody seemed to be able to help. I left the hands on dental service and became an avid reader and research analyst in environmental health, microbiome, and its relationship to all immunity, I expanded the idea of health in a holistic view, integrating body, mind and spirit with its main focus on gut microbiome and environment. I am now an advocate for microbiome among doctors and physicians with a wide range of specialities and a consultant and health coach to my clients.

My Groups and Platforms

Ecotummy in Social Media



CYT 200 Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance


Microbiome Management Titanium Certification by The Gut Institute


California Food Handler Card


CPR Training


Fermentationist Certification Program by Summer Bock


Bacteria and Chronic Infections Course Costerton Biofilm Center University of Copenhagen

Gut Check Exploring your Microbiome Course

Implant Dentistry Course Certificate


Dental Technology, Crown and Bridge, Porcelain Ceramics S.F Dental Tech College


Dental Surgery UNAM



  • Because we can lessen our struggles
  • Because we need support
  • Because life is worth it
  • Because we don’t give up
  • Because we model for those around us
  • Because the earth is asking for healing
  • Because we need change


Microbiome Book Club for Microcosmos Geeks


Find all kinds of health information

Microbiome Book Club

For Microcosmos Geeks

I would love to guide you but, if you want to learn yourself through years of reading books, implementing with trial and error, join my book club. 

What is my Ideology?

Why should you hire me?

  • I see health as a whole, as one big ecosystem with separate individual ecosystems, including our thoughts as part of the mind ecosystem.
  • I believe disease comes with metabolism problems arising from a combination of factors like the accumulation of toxins and the loss of essential protective flora and lack of nutrient absorption. These take a significant toll on immunity.
  • I believe disease starts in the oral cavity since food enters through the mouth. Oral health is essential in my practice. It is the primary body’s nourishment tool and the second system with the most flora diversity in the body. 
  • But the mouth is only at the beginning of the digestive system. The esophagus, stomach, and all gut are known to hold the key to 80% of our immune systems. So I like to guide my clients in that direction.
  • I have studied food fermentation so I can share with my clients the importance of safely and adequately preparing functional foods like fermented foods. And food fermentation is included in my coaching programs. 
  • I have studied microbes in dental school and I never stop researching. Through research, experience with patients and training, I know how microbes fed by sugars can cause visible devastation in the hardest tissues like teeth and inflammation of tissues like gums. In my coaching practice, we dive deep into the subject of organ tissues, micro environments, and immunity.
  • The need to understand my family’s health issues and my own has taken me to a fantastic learning road that will serve your own path to achieve healing.
  • I understand how microscopic ecosystems that our eyes can’t see and their environment are at the core of almost all health.
  • I am of the idea of testing and exploring different clues regarding the microbiome. I like the saying “Test Don’t Guess’ but sometimes clients say that tapping into intuition and observation is what works best so, I like to offer support on helping to find what works best for you
  • A critical part of all healing I believe has a strong foundation in finding emotional peace, a lot of trauma it is found to be stored in the body, several epigenetic studies have proven the power of emotional health, this is why I have included yoga and meditation in my coaching. I can’t wait to meet you. 
  • I am a whole health body and mind coach.
  • I help clients dive deep into the root cause that stops them from enjoying life at its fullest.
  • I do this by listening and sharing information and experience I have acquired during my life by finding the only thing that worked for my health and my family’s health. And now my clients’ health.
  • I help individuals by sharing what I have learned to push them forward to achieve their goals and dreams with life-lasting results. 
  • I have 42 years of interest in health and wellness. I used to be fascinated and loved to learn from my grandmother’s daily habits like yoga, wholefood cooking, herbalism, fermentation, vegetable juicing, and natural healing. 
  • For the last 29 years, I have been acquiring more formal knowledge in different areas of health. I studied oral medicine, and I complemented my education with other certifications of interest like food fermentation, biofilms in disease, gut health, microbiome medicine, yoga and meditation.
  • I also hold a dental technician certification that serves my current practice to understand how heavy metal toxicity could play a roll in disease. I have experience in detoxification of heavy metals though natural and gentle ways.
  • When my family was ill, I started to research the work of The Microbiome World Project, but there was not enough research. 
  •  I participated in the request for the funds to The National Microbiome Initiative granted in 2015
  • Since then, thousands of studies have been published. The research is just starting, and we will have tremendous shifts in medicine in the coming years. I read research papers every day to help my clients and write my blog. 
  • I guide my clients through the implementation of their individualized health protocols. 
  • Even though my coaching practice is based on the idea that we are complex ecosystems of body and mind and soul, the gut microbiome is at the core of my coaching practice. I compliment this with environmental, functional, and ancient health wisdom.
  • I back up my blog with only highly credible sources of scientific research. I practice logic and use inferences to create content.
  • I encourage others to help themselves.
  • I believe most of the mystery ailments have their roots in a multidirectional way of a combination of factors. My opinion is that the primary source of almost all illness is toxicity as a cause or consequence of the imbalance of the gut’s ecosystem and other parts of the body. And its impact can also be multidirectional on the immune system. Individualized coaching programs are my preference.