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Did you know that many scientific health journals and books write about how 70-80% of your immune system is part of your digestive system? Probably means that by keeping your digestive system healthy you may be able to keep your immune system in check. By keeping your immune system in check, you can prevent some of the most common illnesses like autoimmune disorders, food allergies, diabetes, sensitivities, mood disorders, etc. We are walking ecosystems. We walk around through life taking our ecosystem everywhere we go. But nowadays we are living far away from our natural one. We are living in environments that lack some of the natural ecosystems that make our immune system to function correctly. It is true that antibiotics have saved many lives, but every course we need to keep going with our lives depletes our internal ecosystem farther down. The current research says we should have about 35,000 species of bacteria in our guts, that is nearly 100 trillion bacteria in numbers. Converting this into pounds, we carry about 2 or 3 pounds of bacteria in our digestive system. By killing species of bacteria every time we have to take a course of antibiotics, we deplete our internal ecosystem, leading to lowering the strength of our immune system. Do you remember at the beginning of this page I said 70-80% of our immune system is in our digestive system?
Recovering our ecosystem’s diversity is hard because those specific bacteria that we deplete are hard to source.
One straightforward way to introduce diversity back into your digestive system is taking probiotics, but not all probiotics are good. Some probiotics don’t work at all. I am an advocate of Equilibrium Probiotic because I recovered my 6-year allergies to coffee, nuts, and grains with this probiotic in the lapse of only two days. This probiotic could be too powerful for you if you are missing too much in your ecosystem, so start very slow and see how it goes. Dr. Grace Liu Ph.D. in Pharmacology can tolerate ten capsules at once allowing her to eat gluten. Try it out slowly and tell us if it worked wonders for you as it did for us. I have recommended this to many people, and they love it.

Equilibrium Probiotic-115 strains